Tarp USA is the expert in serving your tarp needs.

We stock a wide variety of tarps  Our tarps are manufactured using a dense weave of polyethylene cord and then laminated on both sides with UV stabilized polyethylene to make them durable, mildew proof, water and acid resistant.  They remain flexible even in cold arctic conditions.  The UV treatment makes them resistant to sun ray aging.  The strong woven core makes them tear resistant or "rip stop".  Edges are folded over and double stitched with cord reinforcement.  Grommets are installed for ease of securing and corners have additional reinforcement.

We also offer a wide variety of shrink wrap products.  For covering boat, aircraft, industrial equipment or any object that needs protection for long periods of storage or transportation.  Used to enclose construction scaffolding for worker protection.  Shrink wrap is used for a weather tight seal around any object of value.

Tarp USA offers the consumer the flexibility of purchasing just one tarp at a time or we offer large quantity discounts as well.  We do not force you to purchase in case quantities.  Our website is designed for ease of shopping and completing your purchase online but our customer service department is eager and willing to assist in your purchase decision and help complete the order if needed.  Call (800) 352-6609 between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time - Monday through Friday or you can email us at customerservice@tarpusa.com.